The Journey Here

I’ve always been interested in creative subjects, and as a teenager I always thought I’d be a musician when I grew up. For some reason I ended up studying media and communication instead of music, and it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

I have always hated traditional subjects, but wound up studying some of them anyways after my three years in Noroff. For almost half a year I studied teaching, one month philosophy, and for half a year I studied English. I’ve never been sure about what I want to do when I grow up, but I’ve always been dying to do something creative.

Photography, creative writing and music are probably my favorite subjects. I’ve always been writing songs, taking photos of everything and writing down ideas for novels.

Two years ago I met a guy named Thomas. We were old classmates, though we never really knew each other that well, but it felt like it was the first time I really saw him. Long story short: We fell in love.

I found myself sick and tired of living in my hometown Mandal, a small town in the South of Norway, and I made a personal desicion to move to Bergen. One romantic night sometime after that, this handsome new boyfriend of mine claimed he’d do anything for me. I asked him to move to Bergen with me and he accepted.

For the future I would like to have a freelance job (doing something creative), giving me the opportunity to do a lot of hiking on my days off.



For this learning activity I was asked to make a selfportrait without using a photograph. Here is a very unfinished painting of mine.


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