LA – Design Different Looks


Copy the exact content from a homepage of a website of your choice. Now redesign this homepage in three different ways. Each design should evoke a different emotional response from viewers. You can choose what you would like these emotional responses to be.

Please upload this activity to your WordPress blog along with a short report where you explain the look and intent of each of the three designs.


I chose the website of Just Eat. This is what their webpage looks like:

original website_just eat



I first recreated the design of the original, to have something to create other versions of:




Then I created a masculine version, for the determined and hungry. Intended result is increased efficiency, by boosting the customers feeling of determination and strength:





This is the feminime version of the page, intended for reaction of relaxation and to provide a scent of elegancy:website_03_redesigning_feminime



For the eyes who love contrast and colours. The low opacity orange complements the red colour of the company logo as do the red boxes:




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