Studio Shooting


A new internet radio station needs an advertisement. This will be used on various public transport platforms as well as on the internet platform on Spotify. Additionally they want studio pictures of one or more people. It’s up to you how you would like to create it and print it. Keeping mind that it needs to attract new listeners and create interest in the radio station. You get to choose between three different radio stations.

– Norwegian Culture and Politics: Debate, feature articles, interviews and excerpts from events.

– Humor: Old classic humor like Monty Python and Fleksnes. Focus on 60-70 classics.

– Music: Independent “up and coming” artists operating in the genres; electronica and indie.

You are free to choose your model, but it’s vital to the assignment that the person gives consent to the photo shoot, and agrees that the pictures may be published. To ensure this is done correctly, fill out the contract in your weekly plan under Mandatory assignments. (Note: The document is in Norwegian. English speaking students are advised to locate a model contract release form which fill the requirements of the laws and regulations of your country.)

And other contracts


  • Size of the print version: 29.7 x 42 cm, 300 DPI.
  • Size online version: 1050×900 px, 72 DPI.
  • Deliver both files in the same PDF.


Here is my report and shoot:  Click to open in new window



Web Design – Sushi Restaurant

First thing I had to do was to buy a domain. I got this one at domeneshop:

Here is the result, the way I see the webpage through my computer screen (ps: it does not function as well on smartphones or tablets)







Here is my report:

GRA1__MA_05_ Html_Css_Aamot_22.06


MA04 – photography

Three best photos after my opinion:

Information about aperture, ISO etc can be found in the picture description.


MA03 -Layout

Customer Brief

Enlightenment office (OEK) for eggs and meat want to create a recipe book targeted towards stu-dents and young adults. The booklet will contain content regarding eggs – a cheap commodity with infinite possibilities. The booklet will consist of a front and back cover, a preface, content repository, recipe and contact information. Please see attachment for text and images to use. You are not al-lowed to edit the text whatsoever but you can select which images you prefer to use and which image suits the product best.

Recommended format: A5 (h210mm. x w148mm.)


Here is my work:



Note: managed to use the same photo twice for two different recipes, but this is how I turned it in, so it’ll have to do.